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Pepper (Bid Euchre)

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Pepper (also known as Bid Euchre) is a 4 player trick based card game. Players play in teams and must bid how many tricks they think the team can take. If the team makes their bid, they are rewarded with points. If they lose the bid then they lose points. First team to 30 or more points wins!Features- How To Play Guide- Smart AI Players- Ability to Change How the AI Players Bid- Ability to Pause and Resume Games
Please note: the rules for Pepper follow what is listed here:
I understand there are many different versions of this game. If you have your own rules you would like implemented then send me an email at with a detailed description of how you play and I will try my best to incorporate your rules in the next update.
Also, if you have any other issues then please send me an email. Leaving a negative review because a feature is not working with your particular device will not give me enough information to fix the problem.
Enjoy playing Pepper!